Speaking of where I left in my last video – Global warming is real and toys and gadgets are adding 40% to the global waste. But you know what is lurking right now in face of our childrens present. (since most of my videos are short with an important message you can see this video through the link in the description box below). Coming back to what is lurking in the face of our children’s life – Child Depression and suicides. We are making our…Continue Reading “What is the dream I have for my child?”

How these industries are cashing on the vulnerable emotions of small children Our children are hooked 80% through Youtube or Netflix for their daily doze of mindless consumption of screen time. Cartoon and educational platforms not only earn their millions of dollars through the viewership but also earn millions through toy companies that are lining up to sell their products through these platforms. Simple example would be the craze of “surprise eggs” or any cartoon character toys like paw patrol, pocoyo, peppa pig.  I started…Continue Reading “Gadgets and Toy Industry are Business Mafias”

My interview on parenting concerns on Zee TV connect, I am talking about temper tantrum and “discipline” issues or intentional parenting?? YouTube link on the bio for the full show. My Part is up on IGTV It was great fun Zee TV Connect !!! Every Saturday at 8 PM in the MENA region. For more videos on Parenting go to my YouTube Channel CnHParent

Knock knock … “Yeah just opening… look who is here? Oh wow it’s been a while we connected, please come in…”(That’s pretty much how I greet friends visiting us) & I make sure they feel “home” away from home. I was nursing my 7 month old daughter at 3 am(few months back) and bling came a prayer while holding and soothing her : Thank you Aishani, thank you so much for choosing me to experience your life.This requires tremendous faith and surrender. …and I said…Continue Reading “LITTLE VISITORS!”

There is an in-built mechanism in every single child. It’s absolutely universal. It’s as if they were sent in our wombs already embedded with this ability. I believe it is a conspiracy. Now you must be wondering what is it “woman”?name it, just say it!! Ok..let me just say it’s their capacity to reach our “IC” Spot (don’t get other ideas). I am just coining this as “impulse-control” Spot. “IC” Spot is that “hanging-from-the cliff-part of parents that holds on to the final reserves of everything good…Continue Reading “WHEN THE MIRROR TURNS TO YOU”

“Common-sense-fighting moments with our children” In conversation with Renuka Krishnan (Part 1):  A tiny tad about Renuka Krishnan (when not a Crazy n Happy Parent) A Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Creative Designer of Vapusha Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. An Eco Warrior who runs an initiative in Dubai called ‘Give a Tee take a Bag’. (scroll down more to know her). ************************************************************** What is a hair raising experience as a parent? Not the sight of a gorgeous valley, not a horror / romantic movie… …Well for me…Continue Reading “Skype with CNHParents: Renuka Krishnan”

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Background of today’s post: It was a quite morning, I thought I had an awesome amount of time to write my mind out. Ten minutes into it my daughter is screaming due to some “morning-mare” and two minutes later my son is in my “zen” space and has dropped a bomb: mumma “I want to buy my fidget spinner, NOW!!”. ??? Just bargained (rather begged) a few minutes, so that I can “meaningfully fidget” on my laptop to make sense of today’s topic: KIDS Vs….Continue Reading “KIDS Vs. OUR LIFE BALANCE!!”

  Yes the home is a mess, work is unfinished, dreams to be chased, bath still needs to be taken and given. All this and more is hovering ? in my crazy head even before I open my eyes ? to a brand new day. I move into my wishful thinking mode (???): “oh God somehow I get past this day or pleaaasssee take me back to my single or ok… wait, “just married” days.” And there pops my Ahmmm ??moment: God / Universe “a…Continue Reading “Overwhelmed?? JUST be Grateful…”