Overwhelmed?? JUST be Grateful…

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Yes the home is a mess, work is unfinished, dreams to be chased, bath still needs to be taken and given. All this and more is hovering ? in my crazy head even before I open my eyes ? to a brand new day.

I move into my wishful thinking mode (???): “oh God somehow I get past this day or pleaaasssee take me back to my single or ok… wait, “just married” days.”

And there pops my Ahmmm ??moment: God / Universe “a big thank you.

I JUST woke up to a day worrying that my home will JUST be a mess again, things JUST won’t be in place.My children ARE healthy and safe enough to do this. They are blessed with wonderful health and happy bodies to do these things. WOW! Truly grateful!!

I said a little prayer of deep gratitude ? and wished loads of strength and grace to parents who are raising children with movement and mental restrictions.

Believe me this prayer was more than “thank you God my kids are not like “them” phew…
It is an effort to choose every single time. It’s a gift of choice I give to myself to move ahead instead of being stuck in my mental rut.

Gratitude brings immense peace and contentment.???

Think of what you are grateful for in moments that drain you out. Really take a pause ….??and feel the shift in your energy…

a crazy ? n happy ? parent

P.S. : would love to hear how you turn around a bad day into an awesome one??
Message me or post below…

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