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Background of today’s post: It was a quite morning, I thought I had an awesome amount of time to write my mind out. Ten minutes into it my daughter is screaming due to some “morning-mare” and two minutes later my son is in my “zen” space and has dropped a bomb: mumma “I want to buy my fidget spinner, NOW!!”. ???

Just bargained (rather begged) a few minutes, so that I can “meaningfully fidget” on my laptop to make sense of today’s topic: KIDS Vs. OUR LIFE BALANCE. (ha ha talk about the ironies of parenting) ????

After you are blessed with Gen next (applicable to any age please). On a given day you have them and on the other hand you have the rest of your life.

The video by Ruth Bader is pretty viral: if you haven’t seen it, I am sharing the link below.

The video gave me immense affirmation that we often project our mental restrictions of wanting or wishing to doing things on: PARENTHOOD.

Few of my dialogues (on the whining days) go something like this:

… I love to wake up early in the morning, but I can’t anymore as
my daughter wakes up in the night! ??
… I can’t get myself to take out the time for walk or exercise!
… I want to go and take that amazing course in drama, but I
wish I could!!
… I want to go and take that amazing course in drama, but I
wish I could!!
… My social life is literally fading out!
… I want to start my blog but my hands are so full with two
kids, my work blah blah…

All of the above and sooo much more…

Referring to Ruth Bader’s Video: I simply loved the line where it says: My father in law said “If you really want to do something you will find a way to do it. You will figure it out.”

Key take away: Having these hoppers in our lives is a blessing in disguise. As they literally force us to choose the most important things and work on them ???, instead of pin balling aimlessly.

So guys here is Ruth Bader for you:

Would love to hear the mini victories you are conquering over excuses to pursue your own life apart from being an awesome parent.

a Crazy? n Happy ? Parent

P.S. “Tweetable”: Pursue your life don’t put it on hold on the excuse of being a #parent. Go figure it out.

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