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“Common-sense-fighting moments with our children”

In conversation with Renuka Krishnan (Part 1): 

A tiny tad about Renuka Krishnan (when not a Crazy n Happy Parent)

A Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Creative Designer of Vapusha Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. An Eco Warrior who runs an initiative in Dubai called ‘Give a Tee take a Bag’. (scroll down more to know her).

What is a hair raising experience as a parent? Not the sight of a gorgeous valley, not a horror / romantic movie…

…Well for me (the writer of this blog), it’s the common-sense-fighting moments with my dear son..

Common-sense-fighting moments??

  • Lays flat on the floor at the minutest “no”, even after getting his way around the whole day !
  • Wants to cut away my laptop wire, as he totally believes he can fix everything !
  • Endless kisses on his sister’s mouth, with a runny nose !
  • You can fill in the blank…………………… per the age your kid(s) are right?
I usually get up very excited to a brand new day, being a benevolent mum. Excusing my son from the mundane tasks he is supposed to do. (sort of delaying/avoiding a moment where I assert myself on him). As the day passes by too many things have been let go and I find him excusing from most of the things. This adds to my frustration and situation starts brimming.

In such moments I pray to all religious God’s, angels, spirits for enlightenment / insights / ideas…& today I am turning to Renu aka Renuka Krishnan for my rescue.

Yep she is Renuka !!  A totally “normal” parent to 2 amazingly talented boys, TEENAGERS!!! yes pretty jittery for me. I wonder, I struggle with a 4 1/2 year old, what is it like for her? How does she manage her boys during common-sense-fighter moments??

ME: Renu how do you tackle a common-sense-fight moment??

Renu: Well I become Pinky Bond… (laughs with a chuckle), looks at me, laughs a little more.

ME: huh! I know you for a while, I hope I am speaking to Renu all this while.

Renu: Laughs more… and then gets to the explanation:

Our life revolves around this fictitious character named Pinky Bond (enacted well by ME, of course). She has landed on Earth from the most beautiful, serene and untouched part of the Universe called Bondiwood. She is a crazy character and has attained only 4 human years.During common-sense-fight moments, Pinky steps in with her silly talks to make the mood lighter and this brings joy on my sons faces. We also love to piggy back ride on each other! “

ME: Wow! this is exciting, show me how you do it????

Renu: Hmm ok, here it is…

WORK IN PROGRESS: please select fullscreen mode to view this video below, can’t seem to figure out to make the proportions right…

Well so what are we thinking parents ?? We all enter a deadlock with our children. They could be at any age.

The question is not: When or how much is enough?

The question is: How are we expressing that boundary?

So I leave you all with this thought. At least I will look back in my common-sense-fight moments…

Search her as: or Fb her as: Renuka Krishnan Yoga & Wellness


a crazy n happy parent

BTW PART 2 of the SKYPE CHAT with Renu Krishnan will come soon, look out for this space…

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