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There is an in-built mechanism in every single child. It’s absolutely universal. It’s as if they were sent in our wombs already embedded with this ability. I believe it is a conspiracy. Now you must be wondering what is it “woman”?樂name it, just say it!!

Ok..let me just say it’s their capacity to reach our “IC” Spot (don’t get other ideas). I am just coining this as “impulse-control” Spot. “IC” Spot is that “hanging-from-the cliff-part of parents that holds on to the final reserves of everything good as parents.

But as I said children are just simply blessed, it’s a God gift you can’t fight, they just win the race every single time. One of the recent night’s I lay down with my son, post his endless “pre-sleep” routine. I was already weaving an image of me jumping out and doing what I wanted to do, once he falls asleep….asleepppp, sleeeeepppp, ssssssleeeppppp….

Suddendly I get a nudge and few words from him “mumma I want water” + monstrous giggle (of course my imagination) ! And viola! my son reached my “IC” Spot!!  and I just blurted out:

“Oh God Advik, you just irritate the hell out of me. I am just so so fed up, I don’t even know what to do with you anymore”

I saw him crunching /swirling in his blanket with his questioning eyes and I felt the mirror turned on me. I really felt it for real. It was as if he was saying the same thing to me:

“Oh God mumma, I am so fed up of your irritation, that it irritates the hell out of me. It’s better to just shut down”.

Of course there are endless instances in a day where sometimes children do our “IC spot” check deliberately and we can’t keep apologising for all. I did make a mental note that night though, which was to always do a “mirror check” before I blurt out something to him. As he sure deserves better.

I leave you with this thought today 


a Crazy  n Happy  Parent


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