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Knock knock …

Yeah just opening…

look who is here? Oh wow it’s been a while we connected, please come in…”(That’s pretty much how I greet friends visiting us) & I make sure they feel “home” away from home.

I was nursing my 7 month old daughter at 3 am(few months back) and bling came a prayer while holding and soothing her :

Thank you Aishani, thank you so much for choosing me to experience your life.This requires tremendous faith and surrender.

…and I said to myself; “she & my elder son (4 1/2 years) are a guest in our home. They have knocked / reached out to us.”

In the rut of adult life, especially post children we have a gamut of things eyeing our attention. It’s human to focus on the things we “miss” in the trade off to have a family. Starters would be like basic bathroom privacy , social life or a simple routine !!! We run around from one task to another almost like a “domesticated terminator”.

It’s always great to bend down hug, kiss and immensely acknowledge the trust and faith these little visitors have put in us…for they truly aren’t staying for very long.

They have come to experience their own “home” away from home…

A sort of teary eyed parent ()

I leave you with this thought today 

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