Are You Turning Your Child into an Addict?

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We get so immersed in following the status quo that it becomes very painful to even stop and realise the damage being done.

Transcript of the video

Hi everyone I am Supriya – creator of crazy n happy parents.Today I had a small inquiry and that is – have you ever offered a glass of alcohol to your child? Or have you asked your 6 or 8 year old to come with you for a drag. Even imaging such situations can bring so much of shock and anger within us.

My question today is – why don’t we question as parents before introducing gadgets to our little ones? Because believe me we are turning them into addicts.

I introduced unconsciously gadget addiction to my son 4 years back. I bought into the global norms and trends that – colors, visuals and animation will stimulate the brain of my child, but what I started noticing was that – its never enough for him.

No matter how much time he spends consuming this meaningless stimulation, he was still irritable and cranky. If I denied him of his gadget time he would just roll on the floor as if there is an addict showing his withdrawal symptoms. 

That’s when I realized – we all get so immersed into following the status quo, that it becomes very painful for us to even stop and just realise the damage that’s been done. I’m going to be talking more about this topic in my next video because believe me when I say this topic is forbidden, yes, it is. Even questioning the possibility of having an early childhood without gadgets is like questioning the very existence of our current times.

But I believe that as a parent, its our job to help our children create meaningful experiences on a day to day basis rather than encouraging them to sit like a vegetable and not being able to use their beautiful minds and bodies.

If any part of this video has made any sense to you – I will encourage you to share it with at least 10 parents.

I want us to feel the shock, the anger because imagining the harm that we are creating in their lives by handing them a iPad, a laptop, TV screens is even more shocking and angry to me.

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