The Catch 22 situation

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Gadgets are harmful for little children yet they are the future.

It is a catch 22 situation – We know that gadgets are harmful for small children and yet we feel trapped as every single person surrounding us is so immersed in this very consumption.

We want our children to grow up faster, smarter. If we look around in nature, any attempt to push a seed or caterpillar too fast only leads to destroying the very being in that stage. We have filled the lives of our children with gadget terms like interactive and technology trying to sell – smart / intelligent / aware / and yet they are irritable, cranky, restless, moody, ungrateful, unfulfilled.

As parents we are getting obsessed with being the “pleasers” in our children’s lives. Our inner narration goes something like this – hmmm before my child feels left behind…let me just start following the status quo. If everyone is handing the gadgets to little one’s it must be right. And lord God who can even begin to question developed countries. They know the trends so let’s sit back and follow, like, share…

We have stopped being their nurturer instead we choose to become the followers of trends that have no evidence to any long term benefit for the future of our children. We are in a compulsive mode of keeping up with the “developed” countries and their trends. Even if it means that the very “developed” countries are heading towards mass mental illness and depression due to their very ways of living.

But we will continue to worship these trends in the fear of rejection and future of our children. Without stopping and asking – What does the future look like? 

 We have got to realise that unless we allow them to be still instead of bombarding them with ipads in schools, iphones at home, constant stimulation at social gatherings, communities we are creating a generation of escapists – just like ours.

Yes “Us” parents. Let’s begin by looking inwards. It’s like we are the frogs put in luke warm water and slowly and steadily we have mastered into escaping our own raw and hard feelings and experiences. Instead of having those tough conversations, uncomfortable feelings and really acting upon them we have mastered the art to escape into the digital world. 

It’s Us and our narrative into escapism that we are simply passing so unconsciously that we have stopped even noticing the origin. We innocently keep blaming our environment, trends but its actually us.

Our children are naturally creative and resourceful. Allow them to experience their inner power. 

Much Love  

A Crazy n Happy Parent… 

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