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The first three steps on my journey so far… 

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Addiction to gadgets seems like an epidemic. My son was addicted to his screen time as well.

It was in 2015 when he was 4 and had started showing all alarming signs of being an addict to gadgets. 

He was irritable all the time, behaved like a complete zombie before and after the screen time. Had zero capacity to listen and retain anything said to him, you can start filling the blanks for yourself…

I made a conscious choice to stop this madness right there.

Before I share the three steps, if you have not watched the first part of this video check out the link down below.

Let’s deep dive in to the first three steps I took to begin the first phase of tech detoxification

1. I took ownership of introducing gadgets to him. 

I changed the story I was telling myself – I am so helpless, what can I do? He has to get use to using gadgets eventually. My child will be left behind. Supriya! come on yaa you cannot be such a Hitler and a controlling mom. You know where control leads to blah blah…I created a new story – My child’s soul has put in a lot of trust and faith to choose me as his mother and he deserves better experiences in his childhood. By allowing him to be with himself I am giving him a life skill to seek peace and fulfillment within instead of seeking approvals outside. As a parent it’s my responsibility to control factors which he cannot handle at his tender age. 

As a parent it’s my responsibility to control factors which he cannot handle at his tender age. 

2. I mentally prepared myself for the worst that will come through my son.

The day I decided that my son will not engage with any kind of gadgets while he is doing his daily chores like eating food, getting ready to go out, trying to be pacified by a mobile while he has thrown a fit, I am dead tired after work and so he will be sent to consume educational and brain development cartoons, I knew I am signing up for absolute hell. 

I imagined and was prepared for the worst. My son rolling on the floor, crying and screaming till my ears shriek and my heart pounds and my mouth gets dry. I prepared to hear from people around that I am crazy and controlling and dominating and backward. 

In a nutshell I was prepared to be in this all alone

As nothing for me was worse than to see my son suffering to the over dependency of gadget addiction.

3. I became his rock.

When I shared with my son that we are readjusting his engagement with gadgets first and foremost I verbally apologized to my son. I said to him that I have got you into this and we both will do whatever it will take to get you independent. 

It may sound a little dramatic but it was exactly what I and he needed to hear. When I shared this with him suddenly it did not seem so hard. Hard of course it was. Even after 2 years from then my son still craves his “cartoon” time to a point that it hits my nerves. But I will say we both have come a long way. I walk the talk with him by spending my time after a crazy day at work not absorbing Netflix but maybe just putting some soft music and journaling around my day. Or lying down next to my jumping kids and simply saying – I am dead tired can you put some cream on my legs. 

I will share more about my journey that is still ongoing as gadget addiction is more than just our homes. It is our educational institutions, our social gatherings. It has become a silent killer to the innocence and beauty of childhood in our children’s lives.

I am all in to see that our children experience the beauty of life. My question is are you in with me?

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  1. You may find that you miss very little, and will have more time to do more with your life than spending it watching other people s worlds through a screen.

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