Crazy n Happy Parents

huh, hmm, …what’s this???

Ok…let me ask you since you have come to this page. Kill me if I am wrong when I say that being a parent makes us absolutely crrrrraaaazyy one instance and the other instance you feel so blessed to have these precious gems around you.

Parenting role makes any other experience- small & insignificant. Surprisingly no one teaches us to be a parent. We learn it on the go. Its trial n error but, largely it includes implementation of the experience passed through parents/friends who have seen it and done it all…

  • A lot of you may not like to be told what to do with your child.
  • A lot of you would love someone’s piece of advice.
  • A lot of us will think we know it all…
  • A lot of you will feel what to do next?

Crazy n Happy Parents (CHP) is a platform where we can share and discover what it takes to be in the most important job (mums and dads).

Watch out for this space for crazy and happy insights from me and more parents (obviously I don’t aspire to be Dr. Spock) from diverse cultures and background on this mystical and absolutely fulfilling journey…

Who am I ?

Well I a mum hands down, figuring out to be a better version of myself each day.

I am also a corporate and educational facilitator(schools/colleges) in learning and development (L&D). My passion lies in spreading the bug of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving and understanding Emotions to operate successfully in life.

So now you can see where this is coming from…:D

​I hope that you would hang around to read, laugh and re live your crazy n happy moments…

a crazy ? n happy ? parent