Knock knock … “Yeah just opening… look who is here? Oh wow it’s been a while we connected, please come in…”(That’s pretty much how I greet friends visiting us) & I make sure they feel “home” away from home. I was nursing my 7 month old daughter at 3 am(few months back) and bling came a prayer while holding and soothing her : Thank you Aishani, thank you so much for choosing me to experience your life.This requires tremendous faith and surrender. …and I said…Continue Reading “LITTLE VISITORS!”

There is an in-built mechanism in every single child. It’s absolutely universal. It’s as if they were sent in our wombs already embedded with this ability. I believe it is a conspiracy. Now you must be wondering what is it “woman”?name it, just say it!! Ok..let me just say it’s their capacity to reach our “IC” Spot (don’t get other ideas). I am just coining this as “impulse-control” Spot. “IC” Spot is that “hanging-from-the cliff-part of parents that holds on to the final reserves of everything good…Continue Reading “WHEN THE MIRROR TURNS TO YOU”

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Background of today’s post: It was a quite morning, I thought I had an awesome amount of time to write my mind out. Ten minutes into it my daughter is screaming due to some “morning-mare” and two minutes later my son is in my “zen” space and has dropped a bomb: mumma “I want to buy my fidget spinner, NOW!!”. ??? Just bargained (rather begged) a few minutes, so that I can “meaningfully fidget” on my laptop to make sense of today’s topic: KIDS Vs….Continue Reading “KIDS Vs. OUR LIFE BALANCE!!”

  Yes the home is a mess, work is unfinished, dreams to be chased, bath still needs to be taken and given. All this and more is hovering ? in my crazy head even before I open my eyes ? to a brand new day. I move into my wishful thinking mode (???): “oh God somehow I get past this day or pleaaasssee take me back to my single or ok… wait, “just married” days.” And there pops my Ahmmm ??moment: God / Universe “a…Continue Reading “Overwhelmed?? JUST be Grateful…”