The first three steps on my journey so far…  For more videos on Parenting go to my YouTube Channel CnHParent Addiction to gadgets seems like an epidemic. My son was addicted to his screen time as well. It was in 2015 when he was 4 and had started showing all alarming signs of being an addict to gadgets.  He was irritable all the time, behaved like a complete zombie before and after the screen time. Had zero capacity to listen and retain anything said to…Continue Reading “HOW I BEGAN GADGET DETOXIFICATION IN THE LIFE OF MY 4 YEAR OLD SON !”

Gadgets are harmful for little children yet they are the future. It is a catch 22 situation – We know that gadgets are harmful for small children and yet we feel trapped as every single person surrounding us is so immersed in this very consumption. We want our children to grow up faster, smarter. If we look around in nature, any attempt to push a seed or caterpillar too fast only leads to destroying the very being in that stage. We have filled the lives…Continue Reading “The Catch 22 situation”

We get so immersed in following the status quo that it becomes very painful to even stop and realise the damage being done. Transcript of the video Hi everyone I am Supriya – creator of crazy n happy parents.Today I had a small inquiry and that is – have you ever offered a glass of alcohol to your child? Or have you asked your 6 or 8 year old to come with you for a drag. Even imaging such situations can bring so much of shock and anger within…Continue Reading “Are You Turning Your Child into an Addict?”

Surprisingly this gift comes with guilt, doubt and uncertainty… One of the best gifts I have recently started giving my children, guess what that can be?It’s the gift to grow my own self. Somehow this decision always comes with a lot of guilt surprisingly. I have these repeated whispers in my mind … “You are selfish, this certification is too expensive, Supriya — what all can you do with this money for the future of your kids, you are really enjoying when you go out, you have no love for…Continue Reading “What is the best gift you can give to your child?”

I am sharing a recent letter I wrote to myself when I got really confused and worried as to what on earth am I doing as a parent! Yes even after two kids I get damn confused by all that goes every single day. WORK IN PROGRESS: please select fullscreen mode to view this video below, can’t seem to figure out to make the proportions right… My favourite way of pep talking to myself is writing a letter to myself. It really helps me to focus…Continue Reading “PEP TALKING TO MYSELF”

“Common-sense-fighting moments with our children” In conversation with Renuka Krishnan (Part 1):  A tiny tad about Renuka Krishnan (when not a Crazy n Happy Parent) A Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Creative Designer of Vapusha Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. An Eco Warrior who runs an initiative in Dubai called ‘Give a Tee take a Bag’. (scroll down more to know her). ************************************************************** What is a hair raising experience as a parent? Not the sight of a gorgeous valley, not a horror / romantic movie… …Well for me…Continue Reading “Skype with CNHParents: Renuka Krishnan”